Friday, April 24, 2009

New Journal, woot. Caution - Lengthy

Hello, if your reading this, then I'm sorry to mention this to you, but this is not a website dedicated to bestiality porn.

Anyhows, me, Stoner, have started a online journal. Why? Cause I could use a few god damn dinosaurs for world domination. Recruiting all dinosaurs, trampling, looting and fighting giant monsters provided.

As commemoration to the start of world domination, this blog would be dedicated to my new joyous graphics card and the intense gaming I'm enjoying so far from it.

My beloved MSI GT250 roughly a hundred dollars, with it, comes with all the gaming splendor my heart desires. I could of bought the power hungry Radeon HD 4850 but due to budgeting and such, there wasn't a large incentive for me to fork another 20 dollars and possibly another 200 dollars for the power supply.

One unfortunate thing to mention is that, my 350 watt power supply is literally overloaded and screaming like crazy whenever I'm playing a good session of C&C Red Alert 3 or Rainbow Six. In fact I'm surprised that my GT250 is running on 350 watts when it's for +500 watt, a tech miracle which I'm pretty sure would be short lived. Thus I'm saving up for another 60-100 dollars or so for a good 500 watt power supply and possibly, overclock it. For now overclocking is out of the question as I'm using the afterburners of my 350 watt, sooner or later, it would start chuggling.

So far, I'm playing alot of Red Alert 3 and Rainbow Six, both are great games and both are very different, i'll give a brief summary of both of them.

Red Alert 3
As I'm biologically Korean, I enjoy moderate amounts of cerebral stress. A quick solution for that is to play a good Real Time Strategy (RTS for short). Red Alert 3, is a RTS, as you guessed it, it's the sequel of the sequel to the original Red Alert (which is my childhood crush). Red Alert 3, is a game situated to a fictional alternative time scale WWIII, which WWII never happened (hence it's really WWII, but it's really complicated), thus there are 3 factions. The Japanese Empire, The Allied (Everybody who's not Russian or Japanese) and my beloved Soviets. You get to play as a commander to any faction of your choosing and amass armies, obliterate buildings, armor, infantry in a tactical fashion of your liking, (precision strikes of rotating bombers to charging with large numbers of expendible infantry).

It's a great game which demands patience, home development skills, budgeting skills and tactical foresight/thinking, you can say it's the modern day game of go.

If this picture doesn't persuade you to play some Red Alert 3, then I don't know what will.

Rainbow Six
There's not much to say about Rainbow Six. It's a first person shooter (FPS) game in which your a squad member who leads a squad team. As you kill enemies you would also have to order your half-witted yet invincible team members around on a leash. What I find amusing about this game is that, "it's very realistic" meaning 1 shot can kill you. However this doesn't apply to your squad members. Thus it's common sense that you send out your squad members to kill everything, (if they kill everything), or at the very least you can use them as meat shields. This game, tends to be alittle boring, as it's not your typical FPS, which your virtually strapped onto a health dripper and causing havoc as a one man rampage. Thus your always taking cover, running away from enemies and usually behind your own men.

Or you could just get behind a corner and wait for the enemies to use the same rappling hook and shoot them while their rappling down, and make a corpse mountain. Seriously, I bet their thinking in the lines of "Hey, Bob's down there, oh and Michael, oh hey, the whole group's there! SANDWICH !!!!"*shot - dead - fall - 20 down, 17 to go*.

Anyhows, since your probably wondering who the heck I am. I'll give a brief summary of myself.
I'm a Korean Kiwi living in Australia, I currently reside in Sydney, I'm 18 years of age at the moment. I have a variety of hobbies, geeky hobbies such as websurfing, manga, anime, games and stuff, and I have my normal hobbies; martial arts, drumming, reading, wikipedia. The things I hate would have to be, korean soups, getting wet and interrupted sleep.

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  1. Lolz but man its good that a game like that is out. It's just like CoD close to a few bullets will pretty much kill you but that can really suck in situations where you a slight distration can pretty much mean death ~

    Also Congratz on first post xD