Thursday, June 7, 2012


I would like to start this post with an awkward "Ahhhhh~~~~........."

Three years, I haven't touched this blog since 2009. Why the come back? Because I found my girlfriend's old blog;, it's really good. ( (yea I'm stalking you, it's a form of deep love), read through it, have a report due later today. Was in the mood for some more procrastinating, so here I am, writing a blog. I'm proud to say that I'm much more illiterate than I used to be. So I guess I'll start by getting this journal briefly up to speed.

2009 - Post May
Ended up running a picture framing store since I was sick of working under other people who would be smug about knowing they could make me or break me and constantly looking for my next job like a drug addict looking for his next fix. The store, I ultimately gave to my parents, since I had to start University. Had copious amounts of time to myself, wasted away watching anime and playing video games, but I don't essentially regret it.

Started university, yea I had a gap year. It felt kinda weird knowing most of these students were a year younger than me. I keep telling to myself that at least I had a solid year of real life experience, which doesn't make me particularly feel any better. Made a few university friends, and got re-acquainted with some old friends since they live nearby. First year of Uni, very exciting, everything's new and everyone's naive including yourself.

Looked around for jobs and intern positions that I could get into with my Bachelor of Medical Science degree, and I was really disappointed. Ultimately, I was looking into a profession of being either a lab assistant or a low tier salesperson, or spend another 5 years of my life back in University as a post-grad. Not only that, I was one of the thousands, who I would have to say fell for this scheme. There's a abnormally large competition for any clinical educative programs; doctor, etc.

In the end, I decided to look around for jobs I could get with other science degrees, and I ultimately decided food science was a good place to go.

Other than that, started working for Hungry Jacks as crew, it's honest work, and the people's great. Plus the hours aren't imposing to my studies. Also worked for the Australian Bureau of Statistics, got that job offered to me by someone who I worked for previously. It was very clear that they overrated my computer skills, because I was ultimately given control of some form of high tech supercomputer network, and essentially was doing a mix of data mining and librarian duties and eventually a lot of in call support can't delve too deep, confidentiality.

Ended up transferring to food science, but doing a weird double degree of sorts. Planning to just drop medical science and pick up a teaching degree. Other than that, built a motorized bicycle with the help of my brother. I say it was about 50/50, but I still want to say I built it myself because I'm selfish like that.

OH AND UH...You guys (well no one here anyways), scored a girlfriend, she's sweet, she's smart, she's really artsy, and really we're more or less complimentary opposites. Still new at this whole relationship thing, really clueless about it. She's on my mind constantly, which isn't exactly healthy.

Now that you guys are caught up, I guess I'll just hibernate for another 3 years. Blogger has some weird updates or something's wrong with my browser. Can't add paragraphs or links normally.

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